Validating null value in oracle sql

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The community has found other, undocumented trace flags through various means.The best repository that I’m aware of is maintained by Konstantin Ktaranov here and published here.Still, with the right test query and a little patience you can get some interesting results.

You’ll need something like Brent’s method here for that.I haven’t done any testing on lower versions of SQL Server, so it’s possible that you’ll see errors when trying trace flags with a higher value on some product versions. The procedure enables a trace flag, generates a cached plan, does some cleanup on the plan, and saves it into the logging table if it’s different from the plan without any trace flags.The full code of the procedure is below: -- THIS CODE DOES BAD THINGS!!!!The table contains all trace flags found in Konstantin’s trace flag guide.Of course, you can populate the tables with whatever you want, but I put code to populate the tables with the dataset that I use on pastebin.

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Finally, the stored procedure logs what it finds to the following table: CREATE TABLE dbo.

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