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I have been to Paris a few times before, but I am trying to limit myself as my time is short.One of the things I want to do is try some Bordier butter.igourmet sells all kinds of butters in its online shop.To find the best gourmet foods and gift baskets online, begin your search at Consider making a few varieties of Compound Butter.Simply allow your favorite Gourmet Butter to warm enough to be workable (but not so warm that it begins to separate and become goopy).We've found that home consumers prefer to savor Gourmet Butter on its own with toast, vegetables, and on potatoes.

Many types of Gourmet Butter also contain iodine in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.

Allow the Butter to slowly melt and incorporate into the sauce; don't rapidly whisk it in.

When baking, make sure to allow the Butter to come to room temperature so it can be easily incorporated with the other ingredients in a recipe.

Arachidonic Acid, which is found in Butter, is crucial to the health of cell membranes and brain functioning.

Compared to Butter, margarine can have a high amount of trans fats.

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You can make a wide range of Compound Butters, including thyme and lemon zest, basil and sun dried tomato, garlic and rosemary, blackberry and pepper, and jalapeno and shallot.

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