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Security inspection is done in single pas mode without the need to hand over to a separate proxy.

If Dynamic Bandwidth & Latency Detection indicates the measured bandwidth of an uplink is not sufficient to sustain the minimally required business critical traffic (e.g., Vo IP), the F-Series automatically shifts sessions for non-business crifical traffic to secondary links to free up bandwidth for critical traffic.

All Barracuda Next Gen Firewall models can apply IPS, Virus Protection, Application Control, URL Filter and even Advanced Threat Protection to SSL encrypted web traffic using the standard ' trusted man-in-the-middle' approach.

SSL Interception can be fine-tuned to exempt local networks, users/groups, URL Filter categories or custom defined domains from SSL Inspection.

To view a complete list of applications and sub-applications that are covered by Application-Based Routing, please check the Online Application Explorer.

DNS requests to malicious domains are redirected to an internal sinkhole, thereby preventing data exfiltration and identifying the victim.

With TCP SYN Flood Protection, the Barracuda Next Gen Firewall F-Series effectively functions as a generic TCP proxy, forwarding only legitimate TCP traffic to the inside of the network.

Additionally, the F-Series allows the definition of a rate limit that is applied to the maximum number of sessions per source address to be handled by the firewall.

Using this feature, traffic will be unimpeded across unaffected lines and crucial site-to-site and site-to-Internet connectivity remains operational.

The Malware Protection built into the Barracuda Next Gen Firewall F-Series shields the internal network from malicious content by scanning web content (HTTP and HTTPs), email (SMTP, POP3), and file transfers (FTP) via two fully integrated antivirus engines.

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Protocol compliant packages are then checked to match any of the defined firewall rules.

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