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Black dating guitar lip player

However if you take these bodies apart (as shown here) you'll often see time stamps much earlier as these guitars were in the production process from 1964 through 1967 Pick guards, fret boards were usually a pac man look. Various bridges were installed, nut's often had a serial number on the key side of the angle.The string spacing was very tight trying to squeeze in 9-strings or 10 on a 6-string pickup.Four years later he was told he would never work again.Craig Marchant, defending, told the court Seeley was 'stoned' on prescribed drugs and booze during his performance at the Manor Ballroom in Ipswich.Rex Seeley was supposed to be suffering from a spinal condition.But benefit fraud officers spotted the 57-year-old 'jumping about' during an action-packed concert at a pub.

This was also the guitar model Jefferson Airplane used on the Crown of Creation Album.Usually tuned to a E major on the outside 6 and a E minor on the inside 4 strings.The pickups were staggered to allow a wider string spacing, the switch was cut off and the hold plugged, a fret guide (patented notched rubber guide for the bar to bump against for pitch accuracy) was usually snapped to the outside and they came in Victoria luggage (old Fender vendor) cases.Andrew Riley, prosecuting, said Seeley had dishonestly claimed £5,253 in disability living allowance and incapacity benefit.The musician failed to tell the Department for Work and Pensions that his bad back had improved or that he had returned to work.

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f you are a Melobar owner; as the builder, I always love to see where the guitars ended up - many I can still remember - so take a photo with your guitar and I'll include you in the Melobar Family Hall of Fame page, I love seeing the guitars again, they are like my kids.)As stated in the History pages, Walt Smith started working with Lap Steels back in the very early years owning the first patent on a pitch changing device (see the Melobar Story Guitar Player Magazine 1991)The Melobar tilt neck design which Melobar is famous for started back in 1964 with Walt Smith, the originator, sawing the neck off a guitar in a shop at one of his ranches in Donnelly Idaho, however he still had a place in Ojai California and worked with the Mosrite factory and the Dobro Factory on building his instruments.

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